Thursday, October 25, 2007

When you Give a Pig a Pancake

Sunday night as we were about to sit down to dinner I looked at Seth and he looked a little odd. He was kind of squirmy and had a sneaky look on his face. I asked him what was up and soon realized that he had Harley on his lap. Here is how the conversation went;

Mom- "Seth we are not going to eat with the guinea pig at the table."

Seth- "Why not?"

Mom-"Because people just don't eat with guinea pigs on their laps."

Seth-"Some people do"

Mom-"What people do, name one"

Seth-"I don't know but i am sure some people do."

Mom- "Well we don't put him away."

Have you ever eaten with a guinea pig on your lap?



KeithJonesBlog said...

Not sure where the pancake came into play.

I don't even allow toys at the table.

I certainly wouldn't allow Speedy at the table. I especially wouldn't allow Speedy's food at the table. I gotta video Speedy eating and post it. Cool stuff.

joni said...

I have a friend who just might let her guinea pig sit on her lap at the dinner table. Jean, out in Pittsburgh. I'll have to ask her. So, Seth, next time your mom asks to name one, say "Jean, from Pittsburgh".

I however usually have my dog's head in my lap--who would probably eat the guinea pig. So no, I would not eat with a guinea pig on my lap.