Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Teaching Moments

I'll admit that while I love this new curriculum we are using, it is kicking my rump!!! Seriously!

The kids like it and I feel like we are really getting into some great stuff but I am working really hard too! That's okay I just think that after this first 9 weeks we will be deserving a week off.

We are on week six. Last week's focus was on Abram's home town of Ur. We did a little studying on Mesopotamia. That was cool. This week we are reading all the rest of Genesis 23-50. It is cool to read about the people God uses to do His work. I am loving the conversations with my kids about the stupid mistakes these guys make. We may not make the same mistakes today but the same idea. Kylee was blown away by the father/ son trend of saying their wives were their sisters to get out of trouble but it in turn that getting them into trouble. She said she couldn't understand why the sons' would do the same things the dads did. Yeah, that doesn't happen today does it? Ha! We got to talk about how sometimes a parent's bad choice does get carried on in the children, whether that be anger, language, eating habits, drugs, alcohol, whatever. It was a great conversation.

For specials this week the kids made cardboard box looms and they are weaving mats. I think it is a lot harder than they thought it was going to be. But they are doing great. Also we are making Lentil stew on Thursday and fig cakes. I am not so sure about the fig cakes but I will put on a good face. Not a big fan of the fig.

So other than being wiped out things are going great. Three more weeks than we get a break!



Kathryn Egly said...

Wow, the curriculum sounds awesome! I love what you are doing!

mom said...

Hang in there, Honey-you are doing awesome!!